Thursday 5 March 2009

Negative waves

Ever worked with a mood hoover?

Hell, they make life miserable, don't they?

Are you a mood hoover?

If you are, you need to dig into the pit of yourself and find a way to become solution-focused, rather than objection-focused.

If you have serious cause to be angry or miserable, you need to deal with it. You will become the cause of your own downfall if you don't, and you will see yourself managed out of your team or organisation.

No one likes working with a mood hoover, even if they laugh along with their negativity. Generally, people like to be around positive, successful, future-focused people.

And if you manage a mood hoover, you need to be brave and sit down with them to explain the impact they are having ... and set clear boundaries that give them no choice but to change.

Kelly's Heroes - to which I attribute around 65% of my personality, values and character - contains several moments of genius.

But the following scene (up to 4m 25s) is the best snapshot of the importance of positive waves I have ever seen.

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Kimberley MacKenzie said...

Great movie! Anyone who hasn't seen it should get it this weekend.

"Say something positive and righteous for a change" best Donald Sutherland ever!

Thank for the reminder to keep looking for the "YES"!

Perfect timing Matt. Thanks.