Monday 12 April 2010


I love Skype.

From video conference calls to one-line greetings, it offers great flexibility in keeping in touch.

This morning a friend Skyped the following one-line question...

"Tell me why I would or wouldn't spend some money on door-to-door"

I had just a couple of minutes so I fired off a quick reply. Between new job, new baby and new house, my blogging capacity is still limited so I thought I'd share it with you here - as I wrote it...

"Would: what you see is what you get (to use a photography analogy), i.e. you get the donors you pay for, guaranteed. And the lapse rates are well understood so you can play with Excel to good effect to produce a forecast.

Wouldn't: it has gone to the dogs, i.e. D2D used to be a route to good quality, low attrition donors, a) because it was new and b) because some providers still used a two-stage approach where a leaflet would be left so the donor could take time to make the decision. That yielded lower volume but very high quality.

So, would I or wouldn't I? D2D is now in F2F territory with regards to attrition and I don't think I could justify the low ROI. That said of course, if other acquisition channels aren't working, the pay-by-results nature of D2D may push the swingometer back."

Do you agree?

What would you have said?

Friday 19 February 2010

Self awareness


I was beginning to wonder if I would ever blog again.

Job: new, very stretching growth targets, new strategy to develop.

House: sold old house, found and bought new one, moving end March.

Baby: due, well, about now. In fact, was that my phone?

Given time contraints, I would like to introduce a new style of blog here: the video blog.

Episode 1: self awareness. You may have heard me mention this, and I may even have picked you up on it if I've seen you not being self-aware.

It is perhaps the most important character trait to develop, in enabling you to reach your full potential.

Watch the video, smile, and please add comments below.

By the way, the blog post I refer to in the video is here.

Further posts are brewing so as baby, job and house settle down a little, I shall return!