Tuesday 11 November 2008

Why bother?

If you are able to sponsor me in this ludicrous venture, your gift would be put to good use!

Donations are made directly to The Prostate Cancer Charity, who will use the funds as follows:
  1. Research on a range of subjects from new drug treatments to studies exploring the practical support for carers of men affected by prostate cancer.
  2. A dedicated lobbyist to work with government and other policy leaders for improved access to prostate cancer treatments.
  3. Infrastructure investment to ensure resources are available to drive TPCC forward.
  4. Funding of a specialist nurse and awareness raising activities within the African Caribbean community who are at greater risk of prostate cancer.
  5. Recruitment of men with prostate cancer to provide voluntary peer to peer support, and to raise awareness.
  6. Additional specialist nurses for the TPCC Helpline which provides information and support to callers affected by prostate cancer.

So thank you in advance for your help.

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