Wednesday 25 February 2009

That was easy

So says the Staples strapline.

And it is.

Call the freephone number. Speak to someone lovely. See the stationery arrive.

Would supporters say the same of your charity?

How are they treated if they request information – or make a donation? What is it like to deal with Supporter Services?

I was asked by one of our clients to speak at their recent fundraising conference. At one point I said that to see the supporter at the centre one must see Supporter Services as the bedrock of fundraising.

What struck me was that afterwards one of their team said to me, “thank you for saying that … no one ever mentions Supporter Services”.

Yet in fact, how often do you send thank you letters, handle complaints or update someone’s contact details?

Work hard not to overlook this most valuable of departments. Look back at my post See > Do > Get and do all you can to harness this potential opportunity to make your organisation stand out through great service.

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